Tools and Applications

Applications are an essential part of any IT persons toolbox. The following tools were developed to meet specific need of mine or my clients. These tools are available for download and are completely free, very useful, as-is, and unsupported.


One of the problems often encountered when managing websites, is having a tool to measure and benchmark the time it takes to load a website. Traditional tools such as ping, will do its measurements based on ICMP round-trip times, and do not take into consideration the processing time on the webserver itself.
To help solve that issue, I've created a simple tool called pingweb, which will connect to a webpage, and test the time it takes to retrieve that webpage, and the images on it.

Subscribedin Technologies

To have a successful online business, it is well known that you need to maintain a healthy customer contact list. However, there are industry best practices that must be employed when building this information.
Subscribedin Technologies is an online service that implements a number of industry standards, including customer opt-in, and contact information verification. It also goes beyond your traditional email marketing tools, by providing powerful voice and SMS messaging capabilities. It can be deployed on your own domain name, or on a shared service domain.

Visit the website.